Mike Field Enterprises Launches New Chatbot Service for Small and Medium Businesses

Mike Field Enterprises Launches New Chatbot Service

TORONTO - Toronto-based web design and AI consulting firm MIKE FIELD ENTERPRISES announces the launch of their new chatbot service for small and medium businesses. 

The new chatbot is an automatic chat plugin for websites and can be seen in action at http://www.robertnimmo.com. The front-end programming features HTML5 and jQuery, and the backend is a series of decision-tree algorithms, simple heuristics and some natural language processing, written in Python 3 and hosted on Amazon Web Services. For more information please visit www.mikefield.ca/ai.

Chatbots are the automatic chat windows you see on some webpages, just like the one at the bottom-right of this page. They can be excellent way to qualify leads - they offer a very straightforward service and can automate a lot of questions you'd be asking a potential customer. Perfect for businesses who want to grow their customer-base when time is really limited.

During the launch, Field said, “Artificial intelligence and machine learning are really changing how businesses work today. Even though natural language processing has been around for well over a decade, it has finally made its way into mainstream business processes, like in chatbots like these. What's more, automated systems help propel business forward - whether they're to increase business intelligence or to grow your sales streams. We're excited to join the list of businesses that can provide this type of service.” Field also credits Professor Graeme Hirst, who he studied with while pursuing his PhD at the University of Toronto.

Mike Field is a Toronto-based web applications architect and computational linguist with 20 years programming and design experience for some of North America’s largest companies. He's been working in web technologies since 1998. Recent accolades include 6 peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations on machine learning and natural language processing. He has worked on Bay Street, building systems for banks and brokerage firms and spent ten years working for some of the world's largest companies (like Apple, Oracle and Wal-Mart) helping to implement their content management systems. He also taught at Oracle University for five years.


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